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Dr. Knowlton's First Grade Class

Welcome Back!!

These updates are just a snapshot of what is going on in our class this week! 




Pink Shirt Day


Everyday Math Lessons 3.1-3.3

(Visual Patterns, Even and Odd Numbers, NumberGrid Patterns).

We will also review time to the half hour.


 This week’s Phonics lessons will be a review of short vowels.

There will not be a spelling test or a phonics assessment this week.

Look for a new list of spelling words next week.

IB Theme 

How the World Works. This is our physical science unit. This week’s focus will be light.

Science/Social Studies/Health

We will have an in-house field trip this week from High Touch, High Tech called Me and My Shadow. We will also explore the meanings of translucent, opaque, transparent, artificial light, and natural light.


This week, we will continue to focus on sequence of events using the anchor text,

A Musical Day. Vocabulary: our, today, she, now, her, would.


This week we will review action verbs.

We will use a writer’s web to brainstorm ideas to write about our Halloween costumes. We will turn our webs into complete sentences.

IB Word of the Week 



may be found on the behavior calendar located on the back cover of your child’s red folder.

Please remember to initial the behavior calendar each night

Class Opportunites

I have posted more volunteer opportunities, If you are interested, please sign up.

If you have already signed up to volunteer in some compacity, please allow others to sign up who haven't had a chance. Please click on the link below.

Remember to check for additional school information.

First Grade Schedule

8:05-8:15- Social Studies/ Science Story

8:15-9:00- Specials

9:00-9:10- Restroom/Transition/Snack

9:10-9:20 Social Studies/ Science lesson continued

9:20- 10:55- Balanced Literacy Block


Warm Up


Saxon Phonics- review

Mini- Lesson


Saxon Phonics- new increment

Word Study


Saxon Phonics- worksheet

Work Period



Mini Lesson (Writing)


Writing (grammar, mechanics, organization, style, etc.)

Guided and Independent Writing


Writers’  Workshop



Closing- students share


11:05 Playground

11:40-12:10 Lunch

Links  (sign up for classroom and field trip opportunities)


I will respond to your emails within 24 hours.


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